Buyer, Beware!
Buying Real Estate is Not
a Time to Monkey Around

These three monkeys may look cute - but perhaps only as a knickknack. Symbolically, the three monkeys are not much help if you are buying real estate. Because they don't hear, see or speak when it's essential. And in a real estate transaction, it's critical you have someone who hears your concerns, sees the problems, and speaks up for you as a buyer.

It's Time to Contact a Real Estate Attorney
To Protect You From Contract to Closing...

  • To review your sales contract before you sign it to protect your interests
  • To advise you on your rights, interpret legal issues, answer your questions
  • To analyze property inspections and obtain remedial action from the Seller
  • To avoid hidden pitfalls of property insurance, construction, assessments
  • To counsel you on mortgage alternatives – and help secure the best financing terms
  • To clear title defects, resolve disputes, draft agreements
  • To analyze association documents and financial statements including reserves
  • To secure maximum tax savings, estate planning, and asset protection strategies
  • To represent you at closing and provide your title insurance
  • Having an attorney handle your closing costs no more than a title company

Thinking About Buying Real Estate Without an Attorney?
Ok, But Can You Answer These Common Questions
About Southwest Florida Real Estate?

  • How Do You Know When Legal Title to a Property is Good?
  • Should You Get a Survey? And Can You Interpret the Survey?
  • Does a Seller Have to Cure a Defective Title to his Property?
  • How Should I Best Take Title to this Property?
  • Taking Title in Trust? Is it Wise? And What Kind of Trust?
  • What About Homestead in Florida? Do I Qualify? And How?
  • How Should an Investor Take Title for Asset Protection?
  • What Should You Look For in Condo or Association Documents?
  • Are There Hidden Special Assessments on a Property? Who Pays?
  • What Conditions does the Seller Have to Disclose to Me?
  • What Should I Do About Defective Property Conditions?
  • Is Radon or Toxic Mold a Concern? How about Termites?
  • Can I Build on a Vacant Parcel? Or Remodel an Older Building?
  • Is the Property Insurable? How Much Will Insurance Cost?
  • How Does this Purchase Fit With My Estate Planning?
  • What Pitfalls Await Foreign Nationals Buying? Or When I Sell?
  • What is My Best Mortgage Financing Alternative? How Do I Know?
  • What Are the Income Tax Consequences of Buying this Property?
  • What if the Other Party Breaches My Contract?
  • Who is Really Representing Me in the Transaction?

These Questions - And Many Others
Frequently Arise When Buying Property in Southwest Florida.

We've Got the Answers.

The Real Estate Law Offices of
Raymond J. Bowie, Esq.

Florida Bar Board Certified Real Estate Attorney
International (Civil-Law) Notary
Ph.D., Real Property Studies MBA, Business Management

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